Nautical Sailor Baby Shower Invitations

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There are plenty of ways to customize your baby shower invitation. This Nautical Sailor Baby Shower Invitations offers a good base to start with. Edit the text, graphical elements and colors on most of the invitations you see on the site. Each invitation easy to personalize, affordable even before you apply the discounts and professionally printed.

Invitation Description

Awesome Nautical Sailor Baby Shower party invitation on old stained paper with a wooden textured background. Super nice detailed invitation with compass, sailor hat, ship in a bottle, lighthouse and rope. Faded painted sailor making a muscle on back, Also Great for a fish fry, retirement party ,kids birthday party or bachelorette party. Plenty of room on the back for extra info. Hand drawn Illustration by McBooboo. Please contact me with any questions, problems or changes! Please see my other matching products below: Nautical Thank You Notes Card by McBooboo See other Nautical thank you notes Cards

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