Ethnic Princess Baby Shower Purple Teal Blue Pink Invitations

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There are plenty of ways to customize your baby shower invitation. This Ethnic Princess Baby Shower Purple Teal Blue Pink Invitations offers a good base to start with. Edit the text, graphical elements and colors on most of the invitations you see on the site. Each invitation easy to personalize, affordable even before you apply the discounts and professionally printed.

Invitation Description

Princess Girl Winter Wonderland, with Purple Teal Blue Pink Snowflakes, Lilac Lavender and Purple. White pearls jewels, Lace and Silver Tiara for a baby girl. Gray silver. Pretty and adorable new baby, Stylish Modern Baby Shower, vintage, couples baby shower. Cute Sprinkle Baby Shower. Ethnic African American Baby Shower. Please note: not real lace or jewels or bows.

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